There is no exhaustive list of conditions that we can help patients with because the truth is that we can help with many things. However, there are some common conditions that patients will often come see us for. They are highlighted on this page. If you have questions about your particular symptoms – please send us a message/email or give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Our approach to assessment and diagnosis is based on separating a trigger of pain/symptom from it’s cause. Whether you have headaches, migraines, pain or stiffness – the onset of symptoms can be triggered by many different things. However, the common causes are often only a handful. Understanding your condition can lead to specific treatment by your chiropractor that you may have been seeking for a long time.

We have seen people suffer for years with neck and shoulder pain due to poor posture, car accidents,sporting injuries etc. without a proper diagnosis. An experienced chiropractor can pick up on things inyour history and physical exam that can help you get rid of these nagging symptoms for good . Some ofthese issues can be “functional” in nature and some can have a “structural” component. When it comes to problems with the structure and function of the human body, issues are often multifaceted and progressive in nature. We make sure that we take the time to do a through assessment before any
treatment is provided.

We will commonly see patients presenting with signs and symptoms of nerve irritation. Any altered sensation in the body whether that is pain, numbness, tingling, burning etc. is due to a nerve. Depending on where you experience your symptoms, a thorough examination by your chiropractor can qualify you  for the appropriate care. You should know that often these issues are precursors to more troubling symptoms like loosing strength in muscles and other systemic issues.

One example of nerve irritation we commonly see is sciatica. It is also one of the most misunderstood and mis-treated issues of our time. If you or someone you know has been experiencing it for a while and your past treatment has helped to only temporarily alleviate the symptoms, you need to see if you are a good candidate for spinal reconstruction.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure that we never put on our metaphorical “blinders” when we are diagnosing and treating patients. None of these issues can be assessed or treated without having a look at how you have compensated for them and that often involves different areas of the body. Different regions are part of a “kinetic chain” that are supposed to work well together. If you have one sided hip pain, one sided knee arthritis, or you always sprain the same ankle – figuring out the WHY can help you address the cause.

Seeing a chiropractor is about more than just lower back pain relief.