Meet Our Team

We Are Glad You Are Here

Guiding our patients through their health journey is a privilege that our team members do not take lightly. We train consistently on bringing you the tools and techniques that are proven to reduce pain while improving posture and function.

Your day-to-day interaction may only happen with the primary provider of your care at our clinic – however, you should know that we as a team put a lot of thought before, after and during your visit to optimize your experience and results.

We always work as a team to provide you with the best outcomes.

Our Values

Mutual Trust

Like many other relationships, finding a health-care provider that you connect with and trust is important. Our on-boarding process make sure that both you and your health-care provider can decide if you are a good fit prior to doing any treatment.

Realistic Expectations

We are well equipped to know when and how we can help patients. We make sure that expectations of treatment are shared upfront and that you are actively involved in the decision making.

Honest Agreements

Our health-care providers will take the time to understand your condition and explain what kind of work it will take to get you better. Treatment only commences when you are both in agreement.

What Sets Us Apart

Commonly Asked Questions

We will review your health history in detail. The doctor will then do a thorough physical examination of all the areas of concern. If there is a need for any further testing or imaging, you may be referred to do that as well. Your first visit will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. 

In-person or phone consultations are at the doctor’s expense. If a complete thorough assessment is performed with your consent, the cost is $150 which includes a detailed history, physical examination, report of findings and review of any imaging. 

All subsequent chiropractic treatments are at $50.

We are set-up to be able to assist you in billing your insurance. However, we do not do direct billing on the 1st visit. We will provide you with all receipts necessary to make a submission. 

For any further treatment, you can discuss with the doctor how we can help subsidize the cost of your care based on how much your insurance participates in your treatment.

Yes, every clinician you see is required to do their own assessment prior to making a diagnosis or giving treatment. However, we are able to requisition your previous health records to keep on file for the doctor to review. 

The only time you are allowed to book an appointment for someone else is if you are a parent or guardian. We encourage the individual who will be attending the clinic to be the one who books the appointment. This ensures that they are aware of what is expected of them on that day – no surprises. 

Meet Our Team

Dr. Usmani Headshot

Dr. Hamza Usmani
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Chen Ling

Dr. Chen Ling
Doctor of Chiropractic

Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward
Office Manager