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Low Back Patterns of Pain 3

As we investigate the patterns of low back pain simply through understanding the history of how patients experience pain, we start coming to a working diagnosis of what the cause...
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Low Back Patterns of Pain 2

We are continuing our conversation about the patterns of low back pain so that you at home can start to understand that the vast majority of low back pain problems...
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Low Back Patterns of Pain

We recognize that the number 1 reason people will think of seeing a chiropractor will be for low back pain. Over the next few months, we will be diving deeper...
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Cervical & Lumbar Plexus

In anatomy, a plexus is an area where several nerves and blood vessels bundle together as they pass through the same spot. The result looks like a tangle or net...
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Cervicogenic Headaches

A cervicogenic (literally “coming from the neck”) headache is a form of chronic headache and neck pain that occurs when the muscles, nerves, or spine of the upper neck get...
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