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Reducing Inflammation Through Diet

As previously discussed, we want to review the most common general recommendations to reduce inflammation through dietary change. As always, you should speak to your family doctor before making drastic...
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Dangers of Chronic Inflammation

You may have heard the term inflammation being used to describe the swelling that happens when you get injured. This type of swelling is considered acute (short-lived) and is a...
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“Bullet Proof” Low Back?

What exercises are the best to create strength and stability in the low back region? There is an on-going and evolving discussion on this matter. The short answer is, “it...
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Kinetic Chains

It is very tempting to start compartmentalizing our symptoms in the body. In fact, many of our common approaches to managing disease and illness is done in a compartmentalized fashion....
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Common Myotomes

Strength testing is a valuable assessment tool to determine the appropriate treatment recommendations at the clinic. Many of our patients are surprised to learn that strength is not just a...
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