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Common Types of Headaches

You or someone you love may have experienced headaches. It may have been a passing feeling that only happened a handful of times or it may be something that is...
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Ergonomics: At the desk

One of the most significant factors leading to repetitive use injuries is poor posture. Proper ergonomics can help to limit the impact of your environment on your musculoskeletal and neurological...
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Chiropractic 101

There are two aspects of spinal health: Structural & Functional. The structural aspects within a chiropractic clinic are usually addressed with an x-ray. This type of imaging is important to...
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Arthritis & It’s Presentation Arthritis is a condition characterized by swelling and tenderness of a joint in the body. Depending on the type of arthritis that you have been diagnosed...
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Weight loss and Chiropractic

With summer around the corner, many people start considering shedding a few pounds of weight to fit into clothing or swimwear. Obviously there are merits beyond just aesthetics when considering...
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