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Arthritis & It’s Presentation Arthritis is a condition characterized by swelling and tenderness of a joint in the body. Depending on the type of arthritis that you have been diagnosed...
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Weight loss and Chiropractic

With summer around the corner, many people start considering shedding a few pounds of weight to fit into clothing or swimwear. Obviously there are merits beyond just aesthetics when considering...
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Our topic for March is Fibromyalgia.   It's possible that you or someone you know has been already told that they may have "FM". Our conversation for this topic needs...
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Traveling pain, numbness, tingling, burning, pins/needles and odd feelings of hot/cold are all symptoms that tell us that one or more of the nerves in your body are irritated.  If...
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Corporate/Business Partners

Dr. Saif has many years of experience working with small and large businesses who are eager to create an office culture that inspires their employees to address job-related mechanics/posture before...
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