Personalized & Evidence-Based Care

Discover the Root Cause

Be healthy, you will have it all, take care of it!

Personalized & Evidence-Based Care

Live Pain Free

Be healthy, you will have it all, take care of it!

Personalized & Evidence-Based Care

Improve Your Posture

Our patient-focused approach allows us to provide highest level

Personalized & Evidence-Based Care

Increase Your Function

Be healthy, you will have it all, take care of it!

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We have dedicated and expertly trained providers able to assist you with conditions related to the joints, nerves, muscles and ligaments of the body.

New Patient Appointment

Planning for a successful visit to see one of our providers for the first time starts by following some simple steps to make your appointment.


Have questions? Our front-desk will be happy to assist you during our regular business hours and will direct you to the provider best suited for you.

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Commonly Asked Questions

We will review your health history in detail. The doctor will then do a thorough physical examination of all the areas of concern. If there is a need for any further testing or imaging, we may do that on-site as well. Your first visit will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. 

In-person or phone consultations are at the doctor’s expense. If a complete thorough assessment is performed with your consent, the cost is $150 which includes a detailed history, physical examination, report of findings and review of any imaging. 

All subsequent chiropractic treatments are at $55.

We are set-up to be able to assist you in billing your insurance. However, we do not do direct billing on the 1st visit. We will provide you with all receipts necessary to make a submission. 

For any further treatment, you can discuss with the doctor how we can help subsidize the cost of your care based on how much your insurance participates in your treatment.

Yes, every clinician you see is required to do their own assessment prior to making a diagnosis or giving treatment. However, we are able to requisition your previous health records to keep on file for the doctor to review. 

The only time you are allowed to book an appointment for someone else is if you are a parent or guardian. We encourage the individual who will be attending the clinic to be the one who books the appointment. This ensures that they are aware of what is expected of them on that day – no surprises. 


A Better Way

To Better Health

We see health as your body’s ability to self-regulate and heal itself. If it’s successful in doing that – you are healthy. If it’s unsuccessful, you are not. Our philosophy for working with our patients was birthed from this simple concept.

We want to partner with you to actively reduce pain, improve posture and restore function so that you can get back to doing things you love to do. Within our four walls, chiropractic is very much a done-with-you program. You will never feel like your voice is not heard.

We are here for you. Let’s get started!

Dr. Hamza S. Usmani ( B.Sc. DC. )

Clinic Director